RACISM is when a white BB Bold 6 cost more than a black BB Bold 6.
NEMESIS is when you submit your answer sheet with your expo inside.

LONG THROAT is when you take a girl out on a sunny day and she orders for a hot plate of pepper soup.
A WITCH is that girl that eats nkwobi, fish pepper soup, shawama, suya,
chicken, smirnoff, fayrous and when you take her home she says sorry
I’m on my period.

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OVERSABI is when you are eating salad with a girl and she says, “Honey, this food no done.”
OLODO is when you are in a plane with a girl and she says, “Honey I’m hot, can you please roll down the glass.”
A HUNGRY CHILD is that kid that sees you eating and says, “My mummy said I shouldn’t take food from strangers.”
A STUBBORN CHILD is that kid that wakes up in the middle of the night
when daddy and mummy are having a good time and says, “Mummy, I want to
STINGINESS is when you finish reading this and you refuse to comment

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