SON: Wow! The fabulous Asante Kotoko will be
playing a football match with Accra Heart of Oaks. Can we go to the
stadium tomorrow?

DAD: No. You have to queue to get tickets and probably stand during the match. You can see the game better on TV.
DAUGHTER: Can we make it to the trade fair this weekend?
DAD: No sweety, there is a grand sale show live on TV every Saturday. We will watch everything on TV.
WIFE: Honey, let’s go have a wonderful time at the Ghana Music Awards this evening.
DAD: Hmm. No Darling, it will be broadcast live on TV. Better we watch it on TV
Later that night:

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DAD: Darling, I’m hungry. What are we eating for dinner?
WIFE: You can watch Asanka Delight on TV. They are preparing “fufu” this night on TV.

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