The premiership has starts and here’s a joke below to put you back in the mood…
Premiership clubs in relation to students

Man United is like a student who doesn’t read throughout the semester but reads for exams and comes first at the end.
Arsenal is the youngest boy in class, very brilliant but always has
exam fever. He manages to still be among the best in the class.

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Chelsea is the big bully of the class. He comes first sometimes but his rich father is never satisfied with
his performance.
Liverpool always wants to claim he is the best because his father was the best during his time in the same school.
Man City is the son of the richest man in town. His parents have hired
the best lesson teachers to coach him. He is starting to contest with
the guys at the top.
As for tottenham. He doesn’t really want to be first, all he wants is to be better than Arsenal, his next
door neighbor.

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