Ladies, If Your Man Does Any Of These 3 Things On A First Date, Run Away Fast

Some relationships are not meant to be
and you will do yourself a lot of good to detect the failing signs on
time. These might be clear signs to opt out fast.
If you go on a first date or probably
just started dating someone and they overshare on the first date or the
first couple weeks of the relationship, you should probably move on and
look for someone who uses more caution and better emotional judgment.
If your new date overshares in any of the following ways, beware…
Note: A man who does these things on a first date may not necessarily be a failure in relationship

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1. Oversharing about past relationships
Early in dating, you should reveal very
little about your past relationships. Sharing details about what your ex
did or why the relationship ended is way too much, too soon. People who
overshare about an ex or exes come across as defensive, or angry. Most
of all, they come across as if they’re still hung up on or preoccupied
with that situation.

2. Oversharing about finances
Sharing too many details about how much
money you earn or have in the bank should be avoided early in dating.
Sharing details about the kind of car you drive, house you have or
vacations you take should be avoided, too.
3. Oversharing about the personal lives of close friends or family members
Oversharing about the details of someone
else’s life — someone who is close to you and whom your date could
potentially meet in the future — shows poor boundaries and a lack of
respect for the privacy of that individual.



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