Must Read For Ladies : Confession Of A Runs Girl; How I Escaped Being Used For Ritual During $ex

I was alone at home that afternoon when
Michelle ran into our room in the campus with a big smile on her face. I
almost thought she had won a lottery. Out of the excitement and despite
the hunger, I asked,
‘Babe you win lottery and you don jam mugu?
She was still thanking God for deciding
to turn her life around after all these years of suffering and penniless
lifestyle? I was amazed as I stared at her in shock. I have never seen
Michelle in that excited mood since we became roommates. She called me
by the name we usually addressed ourselves with.
My rommie, guess what happen on my way back from school. I replied that I am poor guesser . Let me break the bombshell to you babe. I am now a very rich girl. She announced. I burst out with a loud laugh and dismissed her excitement with a wave of the hand.
She insisted that she was not dreaming. I
told her to go straight to the point before I lose my patience. She
begin to narrate how she met this very rich Chief  who gave her a ride
back home where she stood under the scorching sun.
According to her, the Chief happens to
be a multimillionaire with businesses all over the country and abroad.
She she said the chief had invited her to have dinner with her at a
hotel somewhere in town. She said the chief said she could bring her
friend along with her. I was becoming excited too at the thought of
making some cool cash from the mugu chief.
She pleaded with me to accompany her to
see the chief, After much persuasion, I gave in to her request and
accompanied her that night. As at 7:45pm, the Chief’s driver was already
waiting outside the campus with the latest Range Rover Sports. We got
to coded hotel. The chief  was already waiting for us. He had also
placed a reservation for us.
We had a very nice time with the chief.
The man had plenty of cash to throw around. The man was simply swimming
in money. He was also so friendly and very generous. While going home
that night, he gave us a brand new notes totaling N200, 000 naira each.
Imagine making 200k one night. It was a jackpot. Soon I  was becoming
jealous of my friend.
I was asking myself why I wasn’t th one
in her position. A week later, Chief bought a Mercedes jeep for Michelle
and actually gave her the keys to a flat in Lekki Peninsula. Being her
closest friend and roomie, she begged me to move in with her which I
quickly agreed without much conviction.
We started living large. Chief was just
so kind and generous to us. We had everything at our beck and call. Just
like a whirlwind, we became the happening babes on campus and within
the Lekki axis.
I got so carried away that I was
enjoying the money without knowing where it was coming from.  Chief even
took my friend to Paris for shopping. Deep down I was so sad and filled
with jealousy for her. She noticed I didn’t take the news kindly to the
news. But she promised to buy me stuff from Paris.
A few days later, she left with Chief.
That was the last time I set my eyes on Michelle. Her journey was
supposed to last for two weeks but a month later, I did not hear from
her. I became scared because I was left alone in the house. She never
communicated with me right from the first day she left the house.
I came home from school one evening and
met Chief at home, out of excitement I rushed into Michelle’s room
thinking that she has finally returned but to my utmost astonishment,
Michelle was nowhere to be found.

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I rushed out immediately to ask Chief,
he explained that she will come back later that her trip was a bit
extended and immediately changed his countenance towards me by telling
me that he actually made a mistake by going out with my friend earlier
He promised me heaven and earth if only I
could date him secretly without Michelle’s knowledge. I told him that I
wouldn’t be able to stab my friend behind her back, that she has been
very good to me. He asked the driver to bring his briefcase, he brought
out N500, 000, kept it on the table and asked me to think about his
request and left. 

I was tempted to give in to what Chief
had said but I kept worrying about Michelle. One night I became curious
and decide to check one of the rooms in the flat that was always kept
open. There was a wardrobe inside the room.
Still out of curiosity, I forced the
wardrobe open and I shouted. There was my friend sitting on a stool. Her
eyes fixed in a daze with a pot on her head.
Her body seem glued to the stool. Was
she dead? She was not moving.I shout Jesus and ran out of the house. How
could chief have killed my friend in the same house without my
Some weeks after, Michell was reported
missing. I assisted the police to locate the house. On getting there,
the address had changed. The new occupants said there was never a chief
there and threatened the police for embarrassing them. But I was sure of
what I saw. What had happened.
Given the position I met my friend, I am
very convinced that Chief used her for rituals. A search of the house
did not produce anything.I am still in shock.
That is why I have become a born again Christian in memory of my friend.
I will never do runs again.
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Image result for girl vomiting money



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