SHOCKER!!16-Year-Old School Girl Declare Missing For 4 Days Found N*Ked On Facebook (Must See)

A mother received the shock of her life after she posted a picture of her 16 year old daughter declaring her missing and pleading for her return stating she had been missing from New Year’s Eve (Dec 31st) till Jan 3rd 2017.

My name is Diana my daughter has been missing from new year’s Eve night she hasn’t come home as yet plz help mi find her by sharing her photo plzzzz we are from Westmoreland Jamaica plz help Mii find her plzz if u seen her plz contact me at 4226273 plz in the name of Jesus Christ plz help me find her
only for her to start getting tagged by several fb users to a post of a man who had camped her daughter in his house and had been having s*x with her and then posting the photos on facebook.16
When it was drawn to the public’s attention they went over to his Facebook profile and bashed both parties for their carelessness especially the young girl who had her mother worried
“She was reported missing and that’s where she was”
“an poor muma was worried sick deh now shlda gve her some rass lick”
“Not only does he look stink he look like he has some kind of STD”
“That’s why nuff time ppl don’t look when these young girls go missing.. gal pickney always mek them mumma shame. Smfh”
“I think there need to be a mandatory 15-20 years prison time for carnal abuse and/or r.ape, but then again our justice system need some work.”



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