Young Wife Cries Out: He Married Me A V.irgin But Now Sleeps With Me Only When We Need To Have A Baby {Somebody Help}

I am 25 years old and my husband is 32. We have two kids together. Our s*x life was perfect until after our first baby. My husband doesn’t touch me anymore. I always have to initiate s*x each time im in dare need of it.

He has the problem of weak Attention and premature expulsion too. on one occasion I mentioned to him that we really need to see a doctor he said “are you now saying im not a man again”
I said “‘no babe you are a man but in the last 6months we’ve had s*x only once and you didn’t last up to a minute, there s no need to blame anyone lets just see a doctor.
He cut out the idea and we have been staying like that. I give him good and healthy meals. I dress sexy in the house.

I doubt if he s cheating cos i have access to his phone and we are always together. he doesnt keep late nights and doesn’t answer strange calls. I think its a health issue but his ego wont allow him sort out issues.
I have reminded him many times that i am only 25 and he married me a v.irgin. How can i proudly say that in 5 years of married we have had s*x not more than 10 times and lucky two of the times resulted in pregnancies.
Please advise me on what I should do. I am so tempted to cheat and satisfy myself. But I love my husband. I wish our s*x life can go back to what it used to be.



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  1. joy

    January 12, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Some men and their useless ego, if it were a woman with the problem she wld run helter skelter looking for solution to please her man. My dear plz keep persuading him, if he doesn’t yield results, then it’s time to bring in a third party into the picture, probably his Dad/Parents. You can’t continue to suffer in silence for the rest of your life. The moment you cheat, no one will listen to ur excuse – you will be blamed totally. So plz speak up!!

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